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Citadel Homes: FAQs

Some Questions Answered

Getting Started

Q. Who should buy a MANUFACTURED HOME?
The eternal question - are they really for someone like 'ME'? What would make me a good match for these homes?

Anyone who is looking to build a home where the quality is guaranteed, who wants to be as involved as they choose with the design process in a custom home, or have a home where the design work is all done for them. Someone who cares about their budget and ensuring they get value for their money spent, and who likes having a predictable building process… so essentially 90 % of new home buyers.


What's in it for me? Choosing something different...

For starters, the control of the building process, the speed and efficiency of the build.

We live in Eastern Canada, being able to build all year round, indoors is pretty powerful to begin with, then add that we have an entire team dedicated to ensuring that your home is built on time, with the materials you have requested to our quality inspected process, that's a lot of benefits.


Q. How long does it take to build a PREFAB HOME?

Due to the uncertain nature of the construction industry at this time, it is difficult for us to predict the timeline to have your home built. Please call us to discuss your project and, depending on the home you select, we will be able to better estimate the timeline.

We are able to communicate reasonable timeline expectations to our customer because we have a consistent way of building which includes sourcing materials and constructing. While we can't stop the rain and snow once it gets to site, most manufacturers know that the truth is it takes us longer to design and buy your materials than it takes us to build your entire home!


We build indoors, in a climate controlled environment which completely changes the way we build. The order we build in is focused on the way we can build best, not the way we HAVE to build, to battle the weather. We essentially build inside out, able to focus on the interior finishes and services, getting the home airtight and built right before we ever have to worry about getting it weather tight on the outside. 

We also build every home in a similar process – and we build it in pieces assembling it as we go. This allows for inspections to occur at multiple points along the build, rather than holding up a job site while an inspector drives to your location, we have inspectors here in the facility that review the product multiple times during the build.

Q. Do I need A CONSTRUCTION MORTGAGE to buy a manufactured home?

No, buying a home with CITADEL HOMES is as easy as buying an existing home. Except you get the home you want and it's new. You get a guaranteed price, no surprises. We can help you with financing too.


Q. Does my home come with a WARRANTY?

Yes, every CITADEL HOME has a solid Warranty. If you choose one of our Kent Home packages, you get a ten-year Atlantic New Home Warranty, of which the first year is an in-house Kent Home Warranty. We can chat with you if you have any questions.


Q. Who will take care of SETUP for my new home? What does setup mean here?

CITADEL HOMES will take care of delivery and the setup of your new home.


Q. Does CITADEL HOMES provide engineered drawings?

Yes, we provide engineered drawings that you can use for your permits.



We’d love to give you a clear answer on this but the truth is, it depends on the size of your home, the options you choose, the custom elements you add. But don’t worry, we can find you the perfectly beautiful home, at a price you can afford.  ​


Q. Does the home need to go on a FOUNDATION?

Depending on which style of home you choose, there are different foundation options available. Mini homes can be placed on blocks, tech posts or a 4-foot frost wall. While bungalows have the option of a 4-foot frost wall or an 8-foot foundation for an unfinished basement.

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